Screen systems

The technique of screening
Movable screens are used for various reasons, mostly for energy saving but also for control of humidity, radiation and temperature. Screens can be use also sometimes for decorative function.
A wide range of screening techniques is being used, in greenhouses or outdoors, for example for shading halls. Many different screens are available and a few ways of installation have been developed throughout the years. Even double and triple screen systems in greenhouses are becoming more common. The reasons for installing a screen are many. GRENETH can advise you concerning the best solution, according to your circumstances and crop.

Type of installation

Mainly two types of drive systems are available for horizontal screens:
• the push-pull system and
• wire system
The push-pull system is used in single or double screen systems and is preferable when light is of minor importance. It is mostly used in modern greenhouses. Throughout the years the wire system has been improved in such a way, that it provides a perfect sealing and therefore it remains the most flexible and light saving installation type. The wire system is used also as a shelter model. Roller and twin gable screens are used for vertical screening while rolling roof screens are used in wide span greenhouses.

Various types of screens

Many kinds of energy saving screens are available. Transparent closed screens for example are used for energy saving without loss of light, aluminium closed screens for energy saving in combination with shading, black out screens for day length manipulation in combination with energy saving. Of course there are also screens for eliminating the effects of assimilation light emission, decorative screens, and colored screens.

Double and triple screen systems

Double screen systems are becoming more important as climate control requirements increase. The development of double screens started in pot plant cultivation, but is common now in Gerbera, Anthurium and Chrysanthemum. It combines a closed transparent screen with an open aluminium screen, these screens move in opposite direction. A triple screen system consists of a closed transparent screen, an open aluminium screen and a closed aluminium screen. In this way all possibilities of energy saving, shading and humidity control are possible.

Screen installations by GRENETH

Whether you are looking for a screen in your new greenhouse or in your existing greenhouse, we are able to provide you with the optimal solution for your specific situation; your greenhouse, your crop and your climate conditions. Our specialists can provide a reliable installation with a perfect service.

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