Substrate systems

Soilless cultivation
When greenhouse production started to turn to soilless cultivation, the developments in substrate systems were many and various. Systems are still being improved and changed. In order to bring your production to the top, various systems are available. In order to collect the drain water use of gutters is important. On the gutters, pots, buckets or growing slabs can be used.

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Many substrates are available for soilless cultivation. Most important characteristics of substrates are:

    · Air content
    · Water content
    · Buffer capacity
The choice of a substrate for your cultivation circumstances is not easy. Therefore a decision on what substrate to use has to be well balanced. Building up experience with a certain substrate is as important as the choice for a substrate.

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Cultivation gutters

Gutters are available in many shapes and sizes. Greneth can advise you which system is most convenient for you, and which gutter will suit you best. Latest developments are the hanging gutters, this requires mostly a stronger greenhouse structure

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Substrate systems are used in almost all vegetable crops, strawberries, roses, carnations, gypsophilla and other floricultural crops.

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Drain systems and automation

In order to calculate your water consumption and to make the necessary adjustments, measurement of your drainage is of the utmost importance. Greneth can install simple and accurate drain measurement systems.

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GRENETH can provide you also with:

• Greenhouses
• Heating systems
• Grow light installations
• Irrigation systems
• Working areas
• Garden centre
• Humidification systems

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