Greenhouses covered with plastic foil or glass, are the prefect constructions for growing plants. The possibilities are unlimited. For each crop however, specific environmental conditions are required which can be obtained only with greenhouses with specific characteristics as light transmission, height, size, ventilation and greenhouse lay-out; automation, screening, heating, lightning, etc..

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Venlo Greenhouses

Greneth can build greenhouses for you, but also carry out turn key projects. Venlo greenhouses are available with the following bay sizes: 3,20m, 4,00m, 4,27m, 4,80m. Depending on the type, sections of 4,00 m, 4,50 m en 5,00m are available. Especially in Venlo type greenhouses various ventilation systems are possible. Single, double and continuous ventilation are the options on our Venlo greenhouses. Energy saving is an important issue; GreNeth is building Venlo greenhouses with tightly closing ventilation windows. Recently installing insect netting is an interesting and more common possibility. There is a huge variety in gutters, from narrow aluminium to wide steel.

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Other types of glasshouses

The wide span greenhouse is famous for it’s ventilation capacity. In wide span greenhouses sections of 4,00 m, 4,50 m en 5,00m are possible. Besides the “classical” wide span, the Max-Air is the glasshouse with a maximum of ventilation capacity.

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Foil greenhouses

Foil greenhouses are cheaper than glass greenhouses and have specific advantages. For example, foil lets more UV light through, while the pigments in the foil allow you, if desired, to limit the rise in temperature in a greenhouse or tunnel. In combination with a properly operating ventilation system and, if required, a suitable screening installation, a perfect growth climate for crop will be created. We can offer you a wide range of foil greenhouses..

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Greenhouse renovation

Older greenhouses might need renovation in order to be able to produce high quality products with a lower cost price. Renovation of the ventilation system is very interesting, for example. We are able to guide you through the process of renovation with sometimes simple, but always effective solutions.

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Greenhouse automation

GreNeth can advise you on the various solutions available on climate control and greenhouse automation. We are specialist in installing Priva Intégro computers. With a climate computer you can make your greenhouse complete. Of course, we also install complete electrical systems including our own switch panels. Further more, lighting is one of our specialties.

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Greenhouse building

GreNeth also can provide you with:

• Screen installations
• Heating systems
• Lightning installations
• Irrigation systems
• Sheds
• Garden centres

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