Irrigation systems

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is an effective way to feed your plants with the right amount of water and nutrients.
GreNeth designs and manufactures drip irrigation systems for various applications:

    · substrate and soil cultivation;
    · cut flowers pot plants and vegetables;
    · intensive but also extensive greenhouse horticulture.
For a good design we will determine together with you the requirements for your system. Establishing this requires an in-depth knowledge of the crop in question, which GreNeth can provide you.

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Substrate units

The most important aspect of the irrigation system is the substrate unit . GreNeth designs, manufactures and installs standard modular units. We are specialised in the design of units in cases where unusual problems are encountered. In brief, GreNeth designs and manufactures the entire water strategy required for operating a cutting-edge horticulture business.
Latest development in water treatment is the Neutralizer. This unit can stabilize the pH of your water before it is being mixed with fertilizers. This treated water is the solution for many pH related problems in your cultivation.

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Overhead irrigation

Overhead irrigation is a traditional and tested method of irrigation that is suitable for a large variety of cultivation techniques. It can be used as main or as additional irrigation system, depending on the crop. A well-designed overhead irrigation system is an economical attractive option for some cultures

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Ebb-and-flood systems

Ebb-and-flood systems supply water from the bottom upwards, so that the plants “have their feet in the water” and then drain the water away after a set period of time. GreNeth designs ebb-and-flood systems for containers, roller tables, fixed tables and concrete floors. Ebb-and-flood systems require very large quantities of water to be supplied and drained away as quickly as possible. Speed is essential to ensure –if necessary – that the plants are immersed as briefly as possible. In addition the systems should move the quantities of water as economically as possible. GreNeth can advise you on the most economical option for your business.

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Mobile irrigation booms

When common irrigation systems are not applicable, mobile irrigation booms can be a good alternative. Spray booms are the most common irrigation booms. Spray robots moving automatically through all the bays of a greenhouse also exist. Mobile irrigation booms offer an economic, practical and simple solution for specialised greenhouse irrigation.

Misting systems
High-pressure misting systems are primarily installed for the purpose of controlling the humidity and/or temperature of the air in a greenhouse. If a misting system is used in combination with good ventilation control, a misting system is an excellent method of climate control.

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Delivery program:

    · Drip systems with capillary, labyrinth or pressure compensated drippers.
    · Sprinkler systems.
    · Hand watering systems.
    · Ebb-and-flood systems.
    · Crop gutter systems.
    · Cultivation systems, such as benches, containers, etc.
    · Drain water collection systems.
    · Rainwater collection systems.
    · Water storage basins/tanks.
    · Disinfection systems.
    · Air humidification systems.

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GRENETH can provide you also with:

• Greenhouses
• Heating systems
• Lighting installations
• Substrate systems
• Working areas
• Garden centre

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