Macrolophus pygmaeus is a polyphagous bug from family Miridae. It prefers eating white fly, although it can help to control other pests like Tuta absoluta, aphidsLepidoptera eggsred spider mite and thrips. An adult can eat more than 30 eggs per day depending on the amount of preys.
It is used in all protected horticultural crops, although this species can damage the fruit in crops like cucumber, courgette and cherry tomato.

Amblyseius montdorensis is a predatory mite from family of Phytoseids. It feeds on thrips, white fly mites, small arthropods and pollen.

Amblyseius montdorensis can be used in crops like cucumber, pepper, bean, tomato, strawberry, gerbera, rose and chrysanthemum.

Trichogramma achaeae is an endoparasite that develops inside of Tuta absoluta eggs. The parasitic wasp searches Tuta absoluta eggs to parasitize among the leaves. In addition, the adult of Trichogramma achaeae feeds on eggs of Tuta absoluta.

Trichogramma achaeae is used in tomato crops and also several horticultural, ornamental and fruit crops where Tuta absoluta is affecting

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