Priva upgrade Compact 530

Support for the Priva Compact 530 process computer will end on 31/12/2023
In 2019, due to the introduction of the Priva Compact CC process computer we have already stopped the delivery of new Compact 530 process computers. Since then, it was able to update the Compact 530. But after December 31, 2023, Priva will no longer supply this hardware and software. If you have any questions about using the software, we will be available until December 31, 2026.

End of support for the Compact 530: what does this mean for our customers?

Because hardware parts for the Compact 530 will no longer be available, there is a possibility that we will not be able to guarantee repair in case of a malfunction or broken computer part. We want to prevent this from happening, because the continuity of daily operations should not be at risk.

Extend the service life of the Priva process computer

To ensure operational reliability, we recommend an upgrade for the Compact 530 process computer to Priva Compact CC. This upgrade does not require to replace the entire installation. The Compact CC process computer can be connected to the existing installation and reuse almost all components. This saves installation costs and keeps the investment in a new process computer relatively low. You extend the lifespan of your existing process computer.

Access to online possibilities

In addition to operational reliability, this upgrade offers other benefits in terms of software maintenance, security and services. Priva Compact CC also gives access to our Priva Connected service subscription. If our customers opt for this, Priva Operator, Priva Notification Center, Priva Access Control can be used and they are entitled to the latest Compact CC software versions, consultancy and helpdesk support.

Our staff will be happy to help you.

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