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Priva NutriFit - Accurate and affordable fertiliser dozing system

Based on years of experience in water dosing, Priva comes with a new generation dozing system, the Priva NutriFit. These systems control the effective mixing of fertiliser stock solutions with irrigation water. They are developed with modern industrial design methods and that lead to attractive dozing systems. NutriFit makes EC and pH control available for any grower worldwide. The combination of modern industrial techniques and expertise of Priva in water have lead to a sophisticated dosing system with a very attractive price/performance ratio.

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Priva NutriJet

The NutriJet is a modern and attractive alternative for mixing tank fertilizer dosing systems. The system injects the fertilizer solution direct in the mainstream irrigation water. A major advantage of these systems is that a feeding pump is not necessary. NutriJet is modulair in its set-up and gives a grower the possibility to simultaneously inject up to 4 or up to 8 fertilizer solutions. Each fertilizer solution with their own proportional volume. The computer control can be supplied with the system or the NutriJet can hook up to any Priva process computer.

The NutriJet system can be applied in existing irrigation lines but also integrated in new water distribution systems. Overhead irrigation, drip irrigation ebb and flood systems, indoor as well as outdoor situations, can be handled by the NutriJet.

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Priva NutriFlex

Precise application of water and Nutrients is critical to good crop performance. The Priva NutriFlex ensures that crops are provided with the correct fertilizers at every watering. This ensures optimum growth: higher yields, improved colour and flavour, longer shelf life and increased disease resistance. Practical experience has shown, that reliable and flexible Priva NutriFlex is the ideal fertilizer dosing system for any time of crop or size of business..

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Priva Compact

This is reliable process computer with proven horticulture technology. This computer incorporates the basic controls for climate an irrigation in a combination with a simple operation. It provides you reliable and user-friendly foundation in climate control and it is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural companies. The Priva Compact includes the most efficient controls for the applications that are frequently used in your greenhouse. Examples of this include: ventilation, heating, curtains, CO2, fans, humidification, lighting, boiler, fertilizer dosage, and the option to reuse drain water ,

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Priva NutriOne

Water and fertilizers are essential for growing your crop. Priva Nutri One is an entrylevel fertilizer dosing unit for soil cultivation and large volume substrate containers. For these cultivation systems, this reliable and efficient dosing unit is the perfect solution for automation of fertilizer dosing. The Nutri One takes the first step towards automated fertigation for any grower worldwide.

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Priva Compass

Point your crops in the right direction with Priva Compass.The world population continues to increase and climate conditions continue to change. These factors not only make successful crops ever more important, but an even greater challenge, too. To grow more efficiently, use water and energy optimally and produce vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely, you need to use the right technology. The number of covered and irrigated crops have increased drastically over the last few years, and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

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