Priva Indoor Growing

Climate system
The climate system creates a stable climate inside the module. The complete air volume is refreshed over 80 times per hour. The optimal air distribution creates equality and prevents wind stress. The temperature difference over the length of the growing chamber is < 1°C, the moisture difference is < 7,5 %.

Lighting system
The module will be equipped with state of the art LED lighting. A lighting plan will be made, based on your specific needs.

Water system
To maintain a stable EC and pH the fertigation system provides accurate fertilizer and acid/lye injection. The module can be equipped with all commonly known irrigation systems (e.g. ebb/flood, drippers etc.) The water system includes UV disinfection.

Monitoring system and automation
Multiple modules can be controlled from a single computer anywhere in the world. All climate parameters (temperature, humidity, light, CO2 etc.) are stored continuously. Alarms can be pushed as emails or text messages. Historic data can be made available for back-up and/or archiving purposes.


Each module is a stand-alone unit that produces heat. It is important that there is enough cooler air in the surrounding area available to cool away this warm air. Mechanical automated heat dissipation could be a necessity in specific cases. Dimensions of the modules can vary. The impressions in this leaflet are based on a 40 ft. container, this is adjustable.
Water quality needs to be tested on forehand, max capacity.5 l/min.
Food grade CO2, max 2 kg/day
Electrical connections, 3x400V, Max 40 kVA
Internet connection, secure and safe broadband without data limit.

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