Disinfection materials

Disinfection gate
Disinfects hands and feet
Dimensions (LxWxH): 156 x 103.5 x 107 cm.
Consisting of:
* first-person passage through a tourniquet
* aluminum frame coated in standard RAL color
* stainless steel foot support, railing and tourniquet
* with plastic walk-over-surface in foot-disinfectiontray
* walk-over-surface automatically fills by means of the buffer tank
* foot fluid-level is controlled automatically
* to unlock the tourniquet you have to push the buttons in the disinfection-tray simultaneously
* installation works on 230 volts.

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Disinfection mats

This mat can be placed next to the greenhouse door and it's perfect for disinfect shoes. There are several sixes that can be supplied.



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Disinfection mats for indoor transport

Patented disinfection mats for indoor transport like forklifts, trucks, trolleys, small trailers, pallets, motorcycles, cars, people, etc.

The flooring is completely watertight and comes with a non-slip film. It's UV resistant and has a semi-permeable top layer that minimises evaporation. Stabilised with stainless steel, the flooring doesn't need to be fixed to the ground.

There is an option similar to ordinary disinfection flooring, but fitted with an internal liquid distribution tunnel connected to an external tube with a filling hose.


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For the disinfection mats we recommend the use of Virkon®S

Virkon®S is a disinfectant based on the unique active substance and action; Pentakalium bis (peroxymonosulfate) bis (sulfate). Virkon®S has been on the market for some time under the Differentiated Enforcement Policy for Biocides, and has now been fully assessed for use in, among other things, (glass) horticulture.

The authorization is a biocide, The legal instructions for use are: To combat bacteria (excluding bacterial spores and mycobacteria), yeasts and viruses in rooms or on materials, surfaces and footwear in greenhouses without crop uprising, and in rooms intended for the stay of people. Use Virkon®S in a dosage of 1% (100 grams of agent in 10 liters of water).

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Flusol Forte
The cleaner for glass and foil”

Flusol Forte is a cleaning solution based on hydrofluoric acid and removes rust, root, algae, moss, dust, etc. You cannot use Topcleaner for removing shading materials. Only use Flusol Forte in empty greenhouses. Do not use Flusol Forte when Leila’s and freesia’s cultivate nearby because the evaporation could be harmful.

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"The glass and foil cleaner for in and outside the greenhouse"

Topcleaner is a special formulation with Ammonium bifluoride that removes all kinds of waste like root, rust, algae, moss, dust, etc. from glass and foil. You can use Topcleaner in- and outside of the greenhouse. Topcleaner is not useful for removing chalk. Using Topcleaner in the inside of a greenhouse is only allowed when the greenhouse is empty.

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Hyperox™ superior stabilised formulation provides greater application flexibility and broad spectrum activity with efficacy against viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores at low temperatures and in the face of organic challenge. These unique qualities make Hyperox™ the peracetic acid disinfectant of choice for; general surface, equipment, water delivery system and thermal fogging disinfection.

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Jet-5 is a disinfectant for bacteria, fungus and virus. It can be used also as a standard cleaner of algae, etc. For an optimal result a dry surface is needed. It has good contact effect due to unique formulation and also has a short exposure time. 5-15 min for algae or bacteries and 30-60 min for fungi or virus.

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